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This is a Runescape article which aims to inform the readers and introduce them to Runescape Clan Citadels. It is a feature which can benefit a group of Runescape players, specifically clans and clan members. This article includes all the things that one will need to know about the clan citadel.
Published by Gerard 61 months ago in Gaming, FPS & MMOGs | +12 votes | 0 comments
This article aims to inform readers of other albums beside the ones listed in the Beatles Box Set. Some of these albums include, the Love album (released by the Beatles during 2006), the Anthology Album and the BBC album. It also gives information about the availability of other boot-legged albums which can be found in Deluxe Albums.
Published by Gerard 61 months ago in Music | +9 votes | 0 comments
The Beatles seemingly left their rock and roll sides during their early years, most of their tracks are pop songs. Only a small number of rock and roll tracks remains. The Anthology contains lots of Rock and Roll songs sung by the Beatles, there is also a numerous amount rock and roll songs included in their concert set. The Beatles did not officially release some of these songs and can only be found on the BBC albums.
Published by Gerard 61 months ago in Music | +7 votes | 0 comments
The Beatles have released numerous of tracks meant to be sung with. There are however, a few number of tracks which are purely instrumental, meaning that vocals aren't meant to be played with the track. These are mostly experimental tracks and the Beatles didn't have any actual plans to release it to the general public
Published by Gerard 62 months ago in Music | +12 votes | 1 comments
The Beatles are natural musicians, they are not limited to the original instruments they started with like guitars and drums. They can play other instruments as well. They can substitute for a band member if they are for a leave or temporarily not available. The guitar became a secondary instrument after the later years of the Beatles. They began using writing songs mainly for a different instrument.
Published by Gerard 62 months ago in Music | +14 votes | 0 comments
The Beatles have used some unique chord progressions before. But sometimes it’s not the chord progression that makes the Beatle song unique. Sometimes it’s the chord used that makes the Beatles the successful artists they are. The Beatles usually employ non standard chords in their songs. The way the chord is voiced is certainly different and unexpected; the Beatles employ various techniques including harmonies and melodies to make the chord work. These chords are instantly recogni...
Published by Gerard 62 months ago in Music | +10 votes | 1 comments
The ostrich is one of the strangest animals on the Earth. It is unique to Africa and only seen in other countries in Zoos. Ostriches and their eggs are very large. In fact, the ostrich is the largest living bird on Earth, they can grow taller than a human. Despite the large size of ostriches, they are still able to outrun most of their predators.
Published by Gerard 62 months ago in Birds | +12 votes | 5 comments
Runescape players often get a hype from new items. The new item receives a lot of attention which makes its price constantly increase. After the hype subsides many players are disappointed to realise that the item is not worth the amount of gold coins. The new item generally drops down a few days after the hype. Many Runescape players taking this as an opportunity to merchant for money. This article is about the addition of the Runescape Fish Mask.
Published by Gerard 62 months ago in Gaming, FPS & MMOGs | +10 votes | 0 comments
Artistic differences and opinions could easily break and cause a band to divide. The Beatles have four talented musicians trying to come up with their own material. The nature of their song and style is very different to the remaining Beatles. Still, as a musician one would want to share his work to the world.
Published by Gerard 62 months ago in Music | +16 votes | 6 comments
A teacher is an honourable job, it is one of the foundations of a good community. The teacher is responsible for moulding the citizens of a country. They have the honour and the privilege to becoming the real "brains" of a country. Teachers are responsible for sharing knowledge to every citizen. In the Philippines, a teacher has to cope with the harsh conditions of the teaching area and try to teach effectively to students at the same time.
Published by Gerard 63 months ago in Education & Teaching Careers | +10 votes | 1 comments
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